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Why are we working on Gasty?

We are unsatisfied with the current restaurant experience due to the lack of attention, communication problems, and slow pace. We don't want to wave at the waiters to place our orders or to ask for the bill to be able to pay. We are fed up with it if we have finally chosen from the menu and then the waiter informs us that the chosen dish is not available. Not to mention when we get strange looks if we would like to pay separately.

How does Gasty help solving these?

While browsing the always up-to-date digital menu with their smart phones, guests can place their orders or ask for the bill directly from their table, which appears in real time on the devices of the staff.

In a nutshell

Gasty is a user friendly, device agnostic gastro software solution, which provides constant attention, easy communication and increased effectiveness for all participants involved in gastronomy.

Gasty main features

Can be used with any kind of smartphone, tablet or computer.

It is a cloud based service, so it is not necessary to install any software on your computer or to download any apps on your smart phone

There is no need to invest in new hardware as guests can use it with their own devices.

Easy log in through any web browser or scannig the smart QR codes and touchless NFC stickers placed on the tables

The lean design and intuitive interface results in a seamless user experience without the need for trainings and tutorials.

Regular updates and maintanence is included and done by us

Collaboration option

You can (if you wish) participate in the develpoment of Gasty with your feedback and ideas, which we will honor with long term benefits.

Are you interested?

For more information get in touch with us and join the gastro revolution.



If you give us your email address and telephone number we will contact you, uncover your exact needs, and provide you a free trial version of Gasty, so that you can try it out yourself! For any other inquiries please contact us on our main email address: hello@gasty.io

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